Rodolfo “El Chino” Aguerrodi & Miho Omaki


“El Chino” was born in Bs.As. Argentina, y Miho was born in Tokyo Japan.

Since they embraced beyond the world, they are teaching all around the world.

Their method to teach is well known: it contains logical explanation and precise exercise that improve the technique and the musicality of the students.

As they are known as “Milonguero” in Buenos Aires, they put effort to improve each tango community through teaching how to behave and dance in milonga as well.

El Chino & Miho

Since 2000 they started to teach in Luxembourg and around its region to help construct this community and on the other hand, trained many champions and finalists of world championship of Tango held in Bs.As. and also trained some internationally famous professionals .

They performed not only milongas but also the events of major venue and theatres of and some charity acts;

Exhibition: Abbaye de Neumünster, Integration festival in Junglinster,  Bonn & Schmitt,  Casino2000 Mondolf les bains,  Multi cultural festival in Walferdange, Festival Wiltz.

Choreographie: Grand Theatre de Luxembourg, Abbaye de Neumünster etc.

Social Activity : Congress of Red Cross Luxembourg, Le Centre du Parkinson, European Unity walk for Parkinson desease.

Now they dedicate to improve Argentine tango community and serve to the society through their love for tango and their experience as tango therapist.