A young and native tango dancers “Victoria & Agustin” comes back in high demand of tangueros who took their workshop last time.

Info & Inscription: info@tangoargentino.lu

Fri. 14/JuneTimeCategoryTheme
W.S. 119:00-20:15Tango Beg.-Int.Getting to know each other through the embrace.
W.S. 220:30-21:45Tango Int.-Adv.Change of dynamics in an elastic embrace.
Sat. 15/JuneTimeCategoryTheme
W.S. 312:30-13:45Milonga Beg.-Int.Initiating Milonga Lisa & con Traspie.
W.S. 414:00-15:15Tango All levelsTango technique for men and ladies.
Sun. 16/JuneTimeCategoryTheme
W.S. 514:00-15:15Milonga Int.-Adv.Our favorite steps of milonga
W.S. 615:30-16:45Tango Int.-Adv.Lineal and circular dissociation.
Quantity of W.S.TariffQuantity of W.S.Tariff
W.S. x 127 €W.S. x 485 €
W.S. x 250 €W.S. x 5100 €
W.S. x 370 €W.S. x 6115 €