[Club Tango Argentino Luxembourg]

1995 “Club de danses latino-américaines du Cercle culturel des Institutions et organes de l’Union européenne à Luxembourg” was born, and organizing weekly course of Salsa, Merengue and Argentine Tango. As a social dancing, we started with 8 persons on the floor of Luxembourg.

Our first representative from Bs.As. is Gradys Fernandez who had been visiting Luxembourg with different partners. She seeded the passion of Tango in Luxembourg.

Step by step the interest for tango had been increasing. The club spent more time for this dance, and it became the first association that proposed activities of Argentine Tango regularly in Luxembourg.

However the effort of The Club to keep Argentine Tango alive would have proved fruitless without the stable cooperation with other Tango groups of tangueros which were born more or less at the same time. Without the participation and presence of the dancers from Metz, Trier and beyond Saarbrucken Kaiserslautern or Nancy, milongas of Luxembourg would not be the same flavor for sure.

2007; The Club has been changed the name as «Tango Argentino Luxembourg», to reflect more its new scope of activities : Argentine Tango.

2013: The Practica of Tuesdays that had started since 1995 was transformed into a Milonga and changed the name «La Primera» as the first weekly milonga which never had been organized in Luxembourg.

2016: In February 2016, an end was officially put to the Club’s activities. This meant the end of the internal structure of the Cercle culturel de l’UE, but not the end of tango Argentino in Luxembourg, which has never stopped and still goes on as a N.P.O.

The activities (course, milonga etc.) of Tango Argentino Luxembourg are open for everybody who would like to discover, love and activate Argentine tango in Luxembourg.